Finding gaps in event time


I am feeding in some Apache request data into kibana for some analysis and have plotted some very useful stuff, but at the moment I am investigating an issue which I found and am trying to use Kibana to help me in this, however I cannot figure out how to get it done, so here is the story.

I have pretty constant automated requests coming into my Apache servers as expected every 30 seconds from 2 different sources, however I found some gaps where there are no events for various periods of time from one of the sources.

Is it possible to use Kibana in order to visualise time windows of between 1 - 30 minutes where no events occurred.

What about creating a vertical bar chart using a date histogram aggregation on your time field for the x-axis? Something like this:

I'm using 1 second intervals in my bar chart but you get the idea.

Thanks @shaunak this is actually what I did initially to find the gaps but for me the problem is identifying them over longer periods of time without manual scroll etc. I think I will need to come up with a clever script to query ES directly and pick out the gaps like this.

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