Graph that fills in time in between events

I have two separate events and would love a graph that gives me a bar as wide as the difference between the two events. Is this something achievable in kibana?

The two events are "out of sync", and "re-sync", and this event pair can happen multiple times.

Let me know if you need more context! Thank you!

It would be helpful to see the structure of your data for a sample event (either in JSON or a screenshot from Discover in Kibana), as well as a mockup (can be just a pencil drawing) of a visualization you're interested in.

I have similar problem
i have log messages like this:
{@timestamp: 100, msg: " EVENT_START"}
{@timestamp: 200, msg: " EVENT_STOP"}
{@timestamp: 300, msg: " EVENT_START"}
{@timestamp: 400, msg: " EVENT_START"}
{@timestamp: 410, msg: " EVENT_STOP"}
{@timestamp: 520, msg: " EVENT_STOP"}

And i need grap on deltas between START and STOP events:
for this example log graf data is 100, 220, 10

how can i made it?

To do this sort of correlation, at a minimum I'd assume you need an event ID, otherwise it's hard to know which "start" goes with which "stop". However, as it stands today, I'd suspect that you will have to calculate these durations outside of Elasticsearch and store those as separate documents, prior to graphing in Kibana.