To make graph the interval between events with Kibana

Data is indexed in elasticsearch in the form of "time + event" about a person's behavior pattern. Using this data

・ Sleep time (interval between 'Going to bed' and 'Get up')

・ Working hours (interval between 'Arriving at work' and 'Leave the workplace ')

Is it possible to graph the time difference between events etc?

If so, how can I do this?

The image of indexed data is as follows;
2019/6/2 7:00 Get up
2019/6/2 7:20 Leave for work
2019/6/2 8:20 Arriving at work
2019/6/2 17:20 Leave the workplace
2019/6/2 18:20 Arriving at home
2019/6/2 22:00 Going to bed
2019/6/3 7:00 Get up Holiday
2019/6/3 22:00 Going to bed
2019/6/4 7:00 Get up
2019/6/4 7:20 Leave for work
2019/6/4 8:20 Arriving at work
2019/6/4 17:20 Leave the workplace
2019/6/5 8:20 Arriving at work Drink overnight and go to work
2019/6/5 17:20 Leave the workplace
2019/6/5 18:20 Arriving at home
2019/6/6 18:20 Going to bed
2019/6/7 3:20 Get up

The events that occur in a day are not always the same. As you may see when you look at the data, there are days when this person will not work.

My Kibana is running version 7.0.1 on Windows 7.
Thank you.

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