Kibana timeseries for live events

(Manas Paldhe) #1

I am using elasticsearch and kibana for creating dashboard. I have events coming in. Every event has a start time and end time. I want to create a graph in Kibana that tells me how many events were live at a particular time.

For a single timestamp, I can run ES query with "start_time" < given_time and "end_time" > given_time". example query: {"query": {"bool": {"must": [{"range": {"start_time": {"gte": "now-2d/d"}} }, {"range": {"end_time": {"lte": "now-10m"}} }] }}}

However I am not sure how I can create a graph for this using Kibana.

The graph should ideally look tell me at given time (or time range in case of histogram), how many events were live.

(Tyler Smalley) #2

There is currently work being done for supporting aggregations on the date_range type, but it's not something Elasticsearch currently supports.

Though, if you know the buckets you want to create ahead of time, you could manually split the visualization with date ranges.

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