Fix x-axis for a stacked bar chart

How can I fix my x-axis for a stacked bar chart?

please help! i use kibana 7.13.2

Hey, can you provide more context to your question? What does "fixing" mean? How does it look right now and how should it look?

:arrow_up: this is how my current visualization looks like.
Here I have no.of errors generated in y axis and the time they were generated in x-axis.There are 3 types of errors i.e type A,type B,type C. Now when i apply a filter my other values in x-axis gets filtered out and it gets zoomed in. Something like this :arrow_down:

Now my requirement is I need my x-axis to be static .I want my x-axis marks to be there always.I require a visualization just like ds :arrow_down:

By fixing i mean 'static' .

As mentioned in the other post, you have to use the "filters" function for the x axis dimension, specifying the filter for each bar separately. Then they will continue to be displayed even if there is no data.