Fleet apm integration


i have elastic stack and runnning fleet all 7.17 version
i want to intergrade apm elastic without having a dedicated apm -server

so the elastic-agent status says healthy on the servers that run fleet server

but on all the other servers (same subnet) the status is stack on (CONFIGURING) Updating configuration

and logs are

[elastic_agent.apm_server][error] listen tcp ....:8200: bind: cannot assign requested address
[elastic_agent.apm_server][info] Applying settings for output
[elastic_agent.apm_server][info] Falling back to Elasticsearch output for sourcemap storage
[elastic_agent.apm_server][info] apm-server.sampling.keep_unsampled is deprecated and will default to false in 8.0. It will be removed in a subsequent version.
[elastic_agent.apm_server][error] listen tcp ....:8200: bind: cannot assign requested address
[elastic_agent.apm_server][error] failed applying config blocks: nil

but filebeat and metrics works fine

can you help please?

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