Fleet Server 8.0 w/Docker Compose

Pre 8.0, you could set an Elastic Agent container as a Fleet Server with Docker environment variables:

docker run ...
    -e "FLEET_ENROLL=1" \
    -e "FLEET_SERVER_ENABLE=true" \
    -e "FLEET_URL=${FLEET_URL}" \

With 8.x, it looks like you need to provide enrollment and service tokens

      - FLEET_ENROLLMENT_TOKEN={enrollment-token}
      - FLEET_ENROLL=1
      - FLEET_URL={fleet-server-url}
      - FLEET_SERVER_ELASTICSEARCH_HOST={elasticsearch-host}
      - FLEET_SERVER_SERVICE_TOKEN={service-token}

Question: Is there a way to use Docker Compose to bring up an entire Elasticsearch, Kibana, and Fleet stack or do you need to go into Kibana and manually generate and collect these tokens?

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