Fleet Server installation issue

Note: OS is Ubuntu 20.04 and running Elastic Agent v7.15.1

I'm trying to setup a Fleet Server on my server and Elastic-Agent doesn't seem to be respecting the option for specifying my Fleet Server URL endpoint via the Kibana UI? For example, please see the screenshots and command below:

  1. I try to start Fleet with the following command:
sudo ./elastic-agent install -f --fleet-server-es=http://localhost:9200 --fleet-server-service-token=<hidden> --fleet-server-policy=<hidden> --insecure

And get the following output:

2021-10-26T20:29:22.075-0400    INFO    cmd/enroll_cmd.go:372   Generating self-signed certificate for Fleet Server
2021-10-26T20:29:28.088-0400    INFO    cmd/enroll_cmd.go:724   Fleet Server - Starting
2021-10-26T20:29:30.091-0400    INFO    cmd/enroll_cmd.go:705   Fleet Server - Running on policy with Fleet Server integration: <hidden>; missing config fleet.agent.id (expected during bootstrap process)
2021-10-26T20:29:30.092-0400    WARN    [tls]   tlscommon/tls_config.go:98      SSL/TLS verifications disabled.
2021-10-26T20:29:30.178-0400    INFO    cmd/enroll_cmd.go:432   Starting enrollment to URL: https://elastic:8220/
2021-10-26T20:29:30.282-0400    WARN    [tls]   tlscommon/tls_config.go:98      SSL/TLS verifications disabled.
2021-10-26T20:29:31.022-0400    INFO    cmd/enroll_cmd.go:247   Successfully triggered restart on running Elastic Agent.
Successfully enrolled the Elastic Agent.
Elastic Agent has been successfully installed.

As you can see in the above output, it says:

Starting enrollment to URL: https://elastic:8220/

I literally can't find any references of this saved in either the Kibana UI or in my files.

In the Kibana Logs I see:

[elastic_agent][error] Could not communicate with fleet-server Checking API will retry, error: fail to checkin to fleet-server: Post "https://elastic:8220/api/fleet/agents/<hidden>/checkin?": dial tcp <hidden>:8220: connect: connection refused

Here's my Fleet Server config in the Kibana UI:

Can anyone assist me as to where the heck Elastic Agent is pulling this URL/Port from, and why my custom value Fleet Server host in the Kibana UI is not working? :frowning:

Note: I've also tried uninstall elastic-agent completely as well.

Any help would be appreciated!!!!

tldr: Elastic Agent is outputing "Starting enrollment to URL: https://elastic:8220/" when i've set my Fleet Server URL to "https://elastic:3001" in the Kibana UI which causes the Fleet Server to crash subsequently.

Hi @dmitryyankowski

Did you change the port in the default fleet server policy -> fleet server integration too? otherwise fleet server will start by default on port 8220

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