Fluentd connection to Elasticsearch(cluster)


We are trying to send rsyslog from fluentd(td-agent) to cluster elaskticsearch (with xpack), but getting an error .



@type syslog
port 5140
tag system

<match **>
@type copy

@type elasticsearch
logstash_format true
port 9200
ca_file /etc/certs/ca
user elasticuser
password 123456
ssl_verify false
logstash_prefix fluentd
logstash_dateformat %Y%m%d
include_tag_key true
tag_key @log_name
flush_interval 5s

2020-02-27 13:28:34 +0300 [warn]: #0 Could not communicate to Elasticsearch, resetting connection and trying again. Connection refused - connect(2) for (Errno::ECONNREFUSED)

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