Fluentd configuration for logstash not working

(murali krishna) #1

this is my simple logstash config for fluentd. I saw from documentation that
fluentd running on port 8888.
Also I could not output to Elasticsearch. and it says connection refused.
can some one tell me what is wrong ? I am new to fluentd.

input {
tcp {
codec => fluent
port => 8888
output {
stdout {}
------------flentd config
<match td..>
@type tdlog
@id output_td

@type file
path /var/log/td-agent/buffer/td

<match debug.**>
@type stdout
@id output_stdout

@type http @id input_http port 8888

<match *.**>
type copy

type elasticsearch
host localhost
port 9200
include_tag_key true
tag_key @log_name
logstash_format true
flush_interval 10s

(Magnus B├Ąck) #2

Since there probably aren't that many people who know fluentd here, perhaps you can explain what you're trying to accomplish? How do you intend to connect fluentd and Logstash?

(system) #3

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