Unable to submit fluentd logs to elasticsearch

I want to send some nginx logs from fluentd to Elasticsearch , however, fluentd is unable to start due to following error message:

The client is unable to verify that the server is Elasticsearch. Some functionality may not be compatible if the server is running an unsupported product.

[error]: #0 unexpected error error_class=Elasticsearch::UnsupportedProductError error="The client noticed that the server is not Elasticsearch and we do not support this unknown product."

This is my fluentd config :

  @type tail  
      @type nginx 
  path /tmp/lab4/nginx/access.log  
  pos_file /tmp/lab4/nginx/access.po
  tag nginx.access

<match nginx.**>
 @type elasticsearch
 scheme http
 port 9200 
 with_transporter_log true
 @log_level debug

If I do a curl , I can see a response from Elasticsearch with the system version and other info .

For reference I am using :

  • fluentd version 1.14.5
  • fluentd elastic-search-plugin 5.2.0
  • elastic-search 7.12.0

Any idea on what I am doing wrong ?

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