Fonts on Auto Reporting Email dashboard legend

Below is a screenshot of the legend that shows in an embedded dashboard image in a watcher email. Is there a way to configure or change this. thanks

Hi, the font that you see in the image is taken from the presentation of Kibana as seen by the Reporting headless browser running on the Kibana server.

The font that was picked for the rendering could be a fallback where the preferred font was not installed on the server.

If the font you see in a browser client is the font you expect to see in the report image, then that font needs to be installed on the Kibana server.

What font do you expect to see, and what operating system runs the Kibana server?

Operating system is centos7. But the rendered png image in the email is very unpleasant in terms of placement and size. Fonts are too big and the dates seem to overlap.
I would like to change the height and width of the embedded image within the email. IS there a way to do this?

Hi, you might need to install a CentOS 7 font package which would provide a more suitable font. Do you know which font packages you currently have installed? Are commonly used fonts such as Arial available in the system? You might want to try installing the Liberation font for CentOS

The width and height for the image is taken from the dimensions of the screen when the job was requested. You can see here in the network data I captured when I requested a PNG image and my browser was small:

compared to when my browser was larger:

My advice is to try to make the browser smaller and re-generate the report, or for automation, re-copy the Reporting POST URL:

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