Reporting plugin for kibana taking wrong screenshots with unkown characters

Hi, reporting is generating pdf reports with unknown characters, when is a list of documents in a table, graphs are showing ok.

Looks like the required system fonts are not available, can you install libfontconfig and libfreetype6 and see if that helps?
Which OS/Version is this and what version of Reporting?

I have Centos 6.7, Reporting is 2.4.2, i also tried installing these fonts, no success, tried a new install of kibana 4.6.2

It's definitely related to fonts. CentOS doesn't actually install any fonts, even after you install the font systems (libfontconfig and libfreetype6). You have to also install a font. Give open-sans-fonts a try (or whatever the equivalent in CentOS might be).

Just for the record, i tried for Centos 6.8:
rpm -Uvh msttcore-fonts-2.0-3.noarch.rpm

That solved my problem!


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