No font in PDF Reports


I'm trying out ES and stumbled over the reporting tool. So far without the watcher or so. I can successfully create a report but it wont't display any text. It looks like an encoding problem sicne every letter is replaced by a rectangle ( [] ). Visualisations are printed properly though. ES/Kibana is running on SLES SP4. Do I need to install any special fonts?

Thanks for help.

Hi there, I think someone else has also encountered this problem. As you suspected, the solution will involve installing some fonts. Please take a look and let me know if this helps: Export Pdf - some fonts look like boxes


Yes, it's definitely a font issue, mainly that you don't have any installed (or at least don't have any that are working with Reporting). Many Linux servers don't come with any font packages, and I'm guessing that's how you are running the stack.

As noted in that other thread, install some fonts (open sans in particular) and you should be good.