Force Dot Connection in Kibana

Under Line Chart, I am plotting a number of time series, with a common X-axis, and am noticing that if there is a missing Y data for sequential X points, Y points are not connected:

Is there a way to always force dot connection?

What version of Kibana/ES are you using?

Could you share a screenshot that includes the vis editor so I can see how your aggregations are configured? Or at least what metric you're using? If you look at the spy panel (arrow at the bottom left of the vis) what values are returned for the buckets represented by those missing dots?

Thank you for your replies.
1- Kibana 4.4.2
2- ES "version" : {
"number" : "2.4.1",
"build_hash" : "c67dc32e24162035d18d6fe1e952c4cbcbe79d16",
"build_timestamp" : "2016-09-27T18:57:55Z",
"build_snapshot" : false,
"lucene_version" : "5.5.2"
3- Screenshot:

Thank you again.

Thanks for the additional info! I was able to reproduce a similar chart in the current development version. It doesn't look like it's possible to fill the gaps at the moment, this appears to be a relevant github issue that you can track (and add your input on if you'd like):

Thanks again. Any point then to move to K5?

Well there were lots of other improvements in 5.0, but whether it's worth upgrading is up to you. If/when the broken line issue gets fixed, it may or may not get backported to the 4.x series, so you might want to be on the latest release just so you can easily get the latest fixes and improvements when we release them.

I have the same problem.
There is no a workaround ?

Not that I know of.

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