Force saved object URL when accessing Kibana


Currently a lot of our users are accessing old snapshots of our dashboards because they saved them as markers by copying the URL that the browser showed in the search bar.

I was wondering if there is any way to force Kibana to redirect to the latest saved version of an object other than by sharing the "Saved Object" URL or if there's a way to warn users that the object they accessed is outdated.

We're running Kibana 7.11

Thank you in advance!

@dosant do you have any inputs please?


@Bustencio, I don't think this is possible to force except to manually (or via some kind of proxy) remove query params from the URL where kibana encodes intermediate state: _a _g

Btw, in newer versions of Kibana Dashboard app no longer contains most of the state in the URL unless share menu is used. So you would likely don't have this problem in a new version (I think since 7.14)

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