Gannt chart in Kibana using Vega

Goog Morning.

I need to create a Gannt chart using Kibana. I know the first way to do that is using the Visualization section, introducing a Vega code. I need to visualize these fields from an Elastic Search Index: RoboId, StartTime, EndTime. I'm trying using the following code, but I'm getting a message about:

" Infinite extent for field "starttime": [Infinity, -Infinity] "
" Infinite extent for field "endtime": [Infinity, -Infinity] "

  title: Gannt
  data: {
    url: {
      %context%: true
      %timefield%: starttime
      index: cs_gannt
      body: { }
    format: {
      property: hits.hits
mark: bar
// At this point the search values are exposed from the _source object
  encoding: {
    y: {
      field: robotid
      type: ordinal
    x: {
      field: starttime
      type: temporal
    x2: {
      field: endtime
      type: temporal

Can someone help me to undestrand where i'm doing wrong, providing a correct code?

Thanks so much...

In general, the Infinite extent for field issue is because the path does not match one of the paths in your data array. You'll need to follow the Vega debugging steps yourself, unless you follow the steps for asking for help with a Vega spec.

Also I would check your timefilter since you are using %timefield%: starttime and ensure there are results in that range.

Hi, wich path are you referring to? My data are coming from an index named cs_gannt...

Hi, the time range is right....

In Vega, your field must match one of the paths in the JSON from your data.

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