'gc' log lines from Elasticseaarch

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i found below lines from Elasticsearch nodes (WARM). it seemed the nodes were unable to be reached from Master nodewhen below lines were logged.

Can anyone please explain "why" AND "which case" below lines are logged?

Thank you!

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Please don't post images of text as they are hardly readable and not searchable.

Instead paste the text and format it with </> icon. Check the preview window.

Your nodes are under memory pressure and old GC is taking a lot of time to try to free the memory.

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Sorry my work environment does not allow copy and paste action, so i had to capture the screen shot to upload here.

Thank you for your reply.

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One more question. So elasticsearch always write in the log when it performs the gc??

I checked heap memory usage today. It was shown my nodes (warm) used over 90% heap but no related/above like logs i could find.

Please advise.

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