Generating a data table with different columns in Kibana?

(Kulasangar Gowrisangar) #1

I'm hereby attaching a sample database like table which I created through excel in order to show how the table looks like. I'm assuming that there're three columns as such:

And the above table displays the response code according to the id on a particular day.

The data table in Kibana should look more a like this:

In the above, the table should be displaying the number of count of the response code for the particular date. (ie: response code 400 has count 2 on the 1st of Sept) I'm able to do the filtering in order to get the count of the response code for the day.

My problem lies on columns which should be created horizontally for each response code. Is this possible to be done in Kibana? Does Kibana contain any plugins in order to customize data table?

Any help could be appreciated.

(Spencer Alger) #2

If you don't mind hard-coding the status codes for now, then you would be able to use scripted-fields that produce 1 or 0 based on the desired status code, and then in each other columns you could show the sum of the different fields and use custom labels to change the table headers.

Alternatively, you could use a bar chart that splits bars on response code and get a visual indicator of count, rather than a table.

(system) #3