Generative AI for Search


We are trying to understand Generative AI features/capabilities Elastic can offer.

We are working on a semantic search use cases where we are aware of ELSER and Third party dense vector models. We would like to know if Elastic provides next generation AI search features out of the box that can support chat like experience (generative AI).

We are looking if Elastic supports features that can create new and original content out-of-the-box. Semantic search can return results that are already indexed (using ELSER or kNN searches).

Could you please help us understand the below

Does Elasticsearch has any out of the box capabilities to support Generative AI use cases? If yes, pls share any relevant documentation for that.
What is the role of Elastic AI Assistant ( Elastic introduces Elastic AI Assistant | Elastic Blog),? Can it support Search use cases? We understand it is only within Elastic Security product and not for Search.

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Hi there,

We don't offer a solution for generative AI currently in the search area.

We do offer a number of pre-built apps that can be customised around your needs however. First one is workplace-search. This one uses langchain under the hood which supports a number of LLMs and embedding functions via the langchain ecosystem. The idea is customers can get started quickly doing POCs on their own data with this app.



I would recommend looking here:

Here are some examples where we fit

Also Our Founder and CTO as part of our Keynote on ElasticON AI

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