Geo-Coordinates - Behind Corporate Proxy

Hi There,

After deploying ELK stack, we have hit a snag where mapping visualisations are not rendering.

The URL that the end user browser attempts to contact is;

The source javascript is commons-bundle.js. I have verified that the communication to this URL doesn't honour the proxy settings of the browser which is accessing the mapping visualisation. Proxy access works for all other services that are being accessed.

Is this expected behaviour?

Ideally I would like to refrain from white listing/pin-holing the access direct on the firewall and instead leverage the corporate proxy solution that is available here. It is possible that this should work and that we have an environment fault (such as proxy bypass etc). By default unless explictly bypassed, all external traffic should route via Proxy. Bit at a loss as to why this call from the browser is failing. Debugging tools show successful load of all other components of the interface, this is the exception to the rule which I believe is the root cause.

Appreciate any insight that can be provided for this issue.



Do you have access to when you are behind the corporate proxy? If not, you won't be able to get the maps.


Hi Rashmi,

Thanks for your response. It was indeed an environment issue, anomaly in upstream firewall was the cause of the fault.

Turns out that the IP address associated with also is the reverse dns IP for another web service which was black listed upstream. It’s all sorted now, certainly not an elastic fault by any means :slight_smile:

Thanks for your timely response.


Thanks for getting back to us.


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