Geo_point mapping python and Streamsets fails with Elasticsearch

I have this mapping in elasticsearch

"mappings": {
      "properties": {
            "fromCoordinates": {"type": "geo_point"},
            "toCoordinates": {"type": "geo_point"},
            "seenCoordinates": {"type": "geo_point"},

With the kibana's console, there is no problem with all possible combinations of geo_ip fields supported by elasticsearch, i.e:

(lat, lon)

PUT /anindex/_doc/1
   "fromCoordinates": {
     "lat": 36.857200622558594    
     "lon": 117.21600341796875,

  "toCoordinates": {
    "lat": 22.639299392700195    
    "lon": 113.81099700927734,

  "seenCoordinates": {
     "lat": 36.91663    
     "lon": 117.216,


PUT /anindex/_doc/2
 "fromCoordinates": [36.857200622558594, 117.21600341796875], 
 "toCoordinates": [22.639299392700195, 113.81099700927734], 
 "seenCoordinates": [36.91663, 117.216] 

But a I tried inserting, into elasticsearch, the data through python, and I always have this error:

RequestError(400, 'illegal_argument_exception', 'mapper [fromCoordinates] of different type, current_type [geo_point], merged_type [ObjectMapper]')

In python, I construct the json from a dictionary, and this is the result when I printed:

fromCoordinates = {}
fromCoordinates['lat'] = fromLat  
fromCoordinates['lon'] = fromLon 

dataDictionary.update({'fromCoordinates': fromCoordinates , 'toCoordinates': toCoordinates, 'seenCoordinates': seenCoordinates})


{"fromCoordinates": {"lat": 43.9962005615, "lon": 125.684997559}, 
"toCoordinates": {"lat": 40.080101013183594, "lon": 116.58499908447266}, 
"seenCoordinates": {"lat": 33.62672, "lon": 109.37243}}

and load with this

data = json.dumps(dataDictionary).encode('utf-8')
es.create(index='anindex', doc_type='document', id=0, body=data)

The array version has the same problems:

fromCoordinates = [fromLon, fromLat]

This is the json created and printed in python:

{"fromCoordinates": [113.81099700927734, 22.639299392700195], 
  "toCoordinates": [106.8010025024414, 26.53849983215332], 
   "seenCoordinates": [107.46743, 26.34169]}

In this case I have this response

RequestError: RequestError(400, 'mapper_parsing_exception', 'geo_point expected')

The same error occurs if I try with StreamSets to elasticsearch, having the both types of json shown before:

mapper [fromCoordinates] of different type, current_type [geo_point], merged_type [ObjectMapper]

This is the mapping loaded in elastic:

GET /anindex/_mapping
  "anindex" : {
    "mappings" : {
      "properties" : {
        "fromCoordinates" : {
          "type" : "geo_point"
        "toCoordinates" : {
          "type" : "geo_point"
        "seenCoordinates" : {
          "type" : "geo_point"

Any ideas?

With curl, postman, kibana's console there is no problem with that. It clearly seems that the JSON nested fields are treated as an object and not "pure" json (plain) when I send them from python or from StreamsSets. I also tested with python and StreamSets without nested fields, and everything is ok. I also tried, without creating the mapping first and leaving elastic to guess and create by itself, and elastic mapped the coordinates as numbers or strings.
I also tried building the json "by hand" and send it, and get the same error.


After the example given in stackoverflow I realized that the doc_type parameter in
'es.create(index='anindex', doc_type='document', id=0, body=data)'
is causing the error, I removed it, and it worked..... But I still wondering why in StreamSets has the same error... but I`ll continue with python.

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