Geocoding using Pelias

Hi all, very new to Elastick Stack and Pelias... I've searched everything I can think of for a solution but haven't found anything which tells me there's something glaringly obvious I've missed.

What I have
Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash, Pelias all running and working
Pelias will geocode when I test it via curl
Receiving a data stream via logstash that has street addresses in the field named "staddress"

What I need
I need to pass the contents of the "staddress" field to Pelias for it to geocode and return a geo_point with the coordinates of that address (in a field named "coordinates")

I figure this needs some sort of enrich filter in an ingest pipeline but I absolutely cannot work out how to do it. The relevant documentation is pretty good but it doesn't indicate how to pass it to another API outside of Kibana.

Any suggestions are very welcome! Thank you!

welcome to the community! I'm not a super expert in this area but someone I work with suggested trying Logstash HTTP Filter to enrich the data before sending it to the cluster.

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Thanks so much Graham! I have a little debugging to do but that looks very much like the right tool for the job. Thank you for your help!

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