GeoIp don't draw


I'm trying to get a map visualize but kibana don`t show me anything for "coordinate map" and show me the next error for "region maps":

Ensure that each of these term matches a shape on that shape's join field: 200, 301, 404, 409

I receive geoip data from filebeat in elasticsearch logs.

I left here geoip mapping in the elasticsearch index and my logstash filter conf:

I have to mention that I had to add the location field manually from kibana dev tools.

Thank you so much!

Hello Alvaro,

For the region map, Kibana will expect a reference vector file based with which to share a key for an inner join, for reference see this:

For a good practical run-through, see this blog:

Having said that, I think a coordinate map is likely what you're looking for here. Regarding your mapping, you'll want to target the geo-point type rather than lat/long floats. You can find more information about this type here:

Once you've loaded your data containing geo-points, you should have no issues displaying them in a Kibana Coordinate Map.


Hi Aaron,

I have been looking all documentation u posted, it's looks like I need to change location type to geo_point but I don't find the way to do that. I read that I need reindex, however I only found it applied to change index type and not field type and I haven't very clear how apply it to type of fields changes. I'm new with elk and I'm a little bit loose, I'm sorry and very tankful for the help.


I'd recommend re-indexing your data. You'll probably want to walk through both indexing and mappings (mappings will cover specifying field types, such as geo_point). Here are a couple of resources to get you started:

I believe this would be the easiest way to update your data, and it would give you a better pattern to follow moving forward.


Hi Aaron,

Thanks a lot by your answers, I have already all running.


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