Geopoint common Schema suggestion

Geopoint needs altitude added:
Use cases are:
Things that move need lat, long and altitude
Vehicles, humans and covid are all moving.
Need to correlate on altitude.
Thx for considering suggestion.


I agree that it would be nice to have but I don't think elasticsearch can support this right now as geo_point datatype does not support (I think - not tester) an additional inner field than lat and lon.

@webmat WDYT?

I also don't think ES supports that. But it would be great indeed!

Are there fundamental limitations in ES index with regard to # of inner fields associated with a type definition?
Does the antlr4 parser need extended to see 3 fields instead of two ? And then that change breaks existing code because all existing code uses only 2 fields.

Other languages faced with similar requirements to move off of flatland into 3D (aka Java, OpenGL, Xwin ) added a new type def - point3d.

Changes would then be
Add geopoint3d to antlr4 processing
Add range query check logic for geopoint3d
Add documentation threads


May be geo_shapes could help? See

@Igor_Motov thoughts?

I will look at geo shape / sql thx
Don’t close this quite yet

From SIEM perspective the geo point / shape adds consolidated processing; in some near future the routing path will be across many links in space served by commercial satcom, connected to aircraft or connected to vehicle autopilot agents or connected to humans. Without z coordinate it will be difficult to see where all those link paths exist.

For covid19 people have been looking at latitude; if altitude also included it may provide insight into environmental conditions enabling its existence. If you look at Hawaii it never reached anything close to other states. I have been thinking that the few that died may have been living or working at higher altitudes.

We allow storing altitude with geo_point. Please see ignore_z_value in documentation. We cannot perform any functions with it. Support for such function is something we would love to add, but we are not there yet.

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