Support for altitude parameter in geo_point data type

Hi Team,

We would like to do geo_polygon based query (with latitude,longitude and altitude) on all available documents in elastic search db.

for ex.
our sample record can have data like below
{ geocoordinates :{"latitude":"12.93","longitude":"77.69","altitude":"874"}} in each documents, where geocoordinates is of type geo_point ,
where as as per API spec, geo_point only supports latitude and longitude.

  1. Does geo_point support altitude ?
  2. If geo_point does not support altitude, is there any other way we can achieve geo_polygon based query in elastic db which includes 'altitude'?

Please suggest.


Hi @atanupanda,

This is currently not possible. Which is your use case? in particular what are your expectation when querying those points with polygon (which is a 2D geometry).


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