Get all documents from index - like in Kibana (even if accualy showing some of them)

Hi everyone!
I have a conceptual question:
I understand that when sending a query to elasticsearch, ether by URI search or by queryDSL, there is a limit to the number of results that will be returned.

From what I gathered, its because elastic creates an object to store the results beforehand, and this object is limited in memory, based on your local hardware (is this true?).

The thing I don't understand is: When I enter the "discover" section in Kibana, I see the number of docs in the relevant indices, even if Kibana is showing only the first X number (500, in my case, V6.2) .

So how can I at least see how many docs match my query (even if I will show only X of them)?
I use URI search mostly, but I would love to have a solution for URI and queryDSL.


The response object gives you the total number of hits that match the query.

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