Get all watches or search for watches



Is there a way to get a list of all watches? Suppose it would be nice if we could search against /_watcher/watch as well.

(Steve Kearns) #2

You can search against the .watches index, which is where the watches are stored.


For some reason I thought the warnings about only using the REST API to PUT and DELETE also applied to searches, but I am mistaken. Docs don't have any such warnings around GET/Search so I'll go down that path.



It appears I'll need to issue a Refresh after creating a watch if I want it immediately available for search. Is that intentional or should it be baked into the PUT watch?

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What version of Watcher are you running?

Can you post the output of:

curl 'http://localhost:9200/_watcher?pretty'



{"version": {"name": "1.0.1","number": "1.0.1","build_hash": "4dc4485f3e364c8f90da5476c150f8cda024e7ae","build_timestamp": "2015-07-29T14:57:16Z","build_snapshot": false}}

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