Watcher for Elasticsearch 2.3


I am unable to list all existing Watch ID's in Elasticsearch 2.3. I use the following query:

GET /.watches/_search
"fields" : [],
"query" : {"match_all" : { } }

I get a hit of 42, but my response is only about 10 Watch ID's. This is an issue as now my team does not know the Watch ID's that actually exist. My .watch_history index is cleaned up by curator monthly, so I cannot rely on information from there. Is there any way to list all 42 Watch ID's?


by default Elasticsearch returns only 10 results. There is also no need to specify fields in your query. If you have a large amount of watches, you should use the scroll search, otherwise specifying size is sufficient.


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Thanks! I think it'd be a good idea to include this information as reference in the "Listing Watches" documentation.

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