Get Hardware Stats like CPU utilization , Disk Uage For Windows & Linux

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Hi All

I am using ELK stack for couple of months now and the primary Input so far I have is the WebServer logs and ATG logs from Apache and IIS server.
Using the logs I have been able to do all possible visualizations and they look good.

Our team does monitoring of production servers which also include CPU usage , Disk Usage and Memory Consumption and these are things which you don't get in your Web Server Logs.

I want to understand what strategies / tools (preferably free) I can use to get this information and feed it to Logstash , also I need monitor both Windows and Linux Servers.

Please Help , thanks

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collectd is a popular choice if you're just looking for collecting information. There are other options like Zabbix that do that but also have e.g. monitoring.

For Windows I'd consider

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