GET method not allowed after update in 7.16.2

Hello everyone,

I have a script that generates a PNG from Kibana at a certain date when I click on a button on my website.

For this purpose I use the POST URL but since I updated to 7.16.2 I get the following error message when I try to access the URL :

{"statusCode":405,"error":"Method Not Allowed","message":"GET is not allowed"}

My Kibana is behind Nginx proxy but I cannot find if it's a Nginx conf. problem or something related to Kibana.

Any help is appreciated :smiley:

Thanks !

Do you generate the PNG from the Kibana reporting service? For that the request has to be a POST.

Hi Marius,

I generate it using the "Copy POST URL" from Kibana yes. Before the update I could access this URL and it was showing me a picture of the vizualisation at a certain time.

But now I have this weird error :frowning:

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