Reporting error can't output x-pack when enabled

when i use x-pack reporting ,copy the url i can't see the reporting ,the error is "{"statusCode":405,"error":"Method Not Allowed","message":"GET is not allowed"}" how i can see the reporting and shared it.

There is an existing issue related to this.

Relevent text:

The UI should make it clear how to use the "Generation" URL by explaining it must be used in a POST request with proper authentication and a kbn-xsrf: reporting header. Alternatively, we can give a brief overview that this is to be used for automation and link to the docs, but we must do something. The current implementation does not at all add any clarity around that the purpose is, and if you copy it into your browser, you just get an error.

Also, we should update GET requests to that route to return a 405 Method Not Allowed error with a useful error message instead of the current 404 behavior. The error message should suggest that the user use POST instead.

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