GET query replacing "+" sign from document id

when I am searching for a document using "_id" ,GET query is replacing "+" sign in the id with empty space. below is my id and query.
id: 2FDC1B4CF35B1A29A5F1FA232410B08887B40E46EMD5DOHcKn5R+q6Wiipsx8Hkg==20200818013300000000

GET tmx_lookup_1808/_doc/2FDC1B4CF35B1A29A5F1FA232410B08887B40E46EMD5DOHcKn5R+q6Wiipsx8Hkg==20200818013300000000

the "+" character in the document id is getting replaced and I am not able to find the document.
below is the response from elastic search with "+" character replaced.

  "_index" : "tmx_lookup_1808",
  "_type" : "_doc",
  "_id" : "2FDC1B4CF35B1A29A5F1FA232410B08887B40E46EMD5DOHcKn5R q6Wiipsx8Hkg==20200818013300000000",
  "found" : false

I am also attaching the kibana screenshot.

how can I search the document using GET query as I am having a requirement to search from buffer and cant use match query.

Thanks for the help..

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