Get the repeated count of users


I am trying to get the "revisited users in a span of 7 days". I have a session table in dynamo DB which has the userId field. I need to get the total count of userIds which are repeated. I tried in Visual Builder and 42 Metric with JSON input {"min_doc_count":2}, but couldn't get the unique count of users which are duplicate. Is there any direct filter which can give me the required result in Kibana visualization?
Please help me.

Hi Rupal, could you please show me what the shape of your documents are in Elasticsearch? I don't have any experience with Dynamo DB and it's not one of our products.

Could you please also describe in more detail exactly what you're doing in Visual Builder? Screenshots will help.

Lastly, could you also please describe what it is you're trying to accomplish, using the above information as a reference? For example, "I want a visualization that shows you a single number, which represents the number of userIds which occur more than once within a data sample."

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