Getting below error after X-Pack installation

(Gayathri TR) #1

Hi Team,

We are getting below error on restarting the elasticsearch:

[2017-03-30T03:15:25,300][INFO ][o.e.x.m.e.Exporters ] [Node_1] skipping exporter [default_local] as it isn't ready yet
[2017-03-30T03:15:25,301][ERROR][o.e.x.m.AgentService ] [Node_1 exception when exporting documents
org.elasticsearch.xpack.monitoring.exporter.ExportException: exporters are either not ready or faulty
at org.elasticsearch.xpack.monitoring.exporter.Exporters.export( ~[x-pack-5.0.2.jar:5.0.2]
at org.elasticsearch.xpack.monitoring.AgentService$ [x-pack-5.0.2.jar:5.0.2]
at [?:1.8.0_121]

PFB, the setting on elasticsearch.yml for X-pack: false
xpack.graph.enabled: false

PFB, the setting on kibana.yml for X-pack: false
xpack.graph.enabled: false
xpack.reporting.enabled: false

(Tim Vernum) #2

I have moved your post to the X-Pack forum.

(Gayathri TR) #3

Thanks Tim

Hi Team,
Please help me to solve the above error...

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(Chris Earle) #5

Hi @gayathri,

I realize that this response is a bit late, but better late than never? And hopefully for anyone else that sees this issue. The only reason this error happens is:

  1. The local exporter tried to start before the ES node was actually ready for it to start. (It will retry in 10 seconds)
    • This can usually happen because Kibana 5.x will forward monitoring data to the node to be indexed before the node is ready; it will just be ignored for the next pass.
    • Under normal circumstances, this can just be ignored if it happens once or twice.
  2. The exporters are explicitly disabled and something forwards data.
    • If this is the case, then it will continue to happen and monitoring should be disabled on the sending end (Kibana or Logstash).

Hope that helps someone in the future.