Getting Elstack to work with Filebeat?


I hade problems to get my existing Elastic enviroment running so downloaded and tried a fresh version. I do however still got problem.

After starting Elastic and Kibana I can brows Kibana. I then run the Filebeat setup like this :

filebeat.exe setup --dashboards

No exception is thrown so I start the filebeat Windows service. When I brows the Kibana Discovery I get this error :

Error fetching fields
Error: Not Found
at http://localhost:5601/bundles/commons.bundle.js:3:1371494

Nothing is displayed?

Here is a link to the package I run :!AskujIssKpnegcxv9UMCw4yPwKSdPQ?e=aXDB2F

Why do I get this error?


No clue to why this is not working? I haven't made any big changes.

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