Getting error when trying o update field value (it is a keyword)

Trying to figure out this issue, the pmdata1.pm_data_source.hw_alias is a text field that is also mapped as keyword pmdata1.pm_data_source.hw_alias.key.
I tried this query (_update_by_query) using the field it worked (fields are renamed), also tried with .key (no errors and no updates). Problem is that the kibana dashboard has an aggregation that uses hw_alias to aggregate data and the new names never appear there, so I am trying to figure out if is there a specific procedure to make the renaming reflect on the dashboard.

POST /5g_account_sims/_update_by_query?wait_for_completion=false
  "script": {
	    "source": "ctx._source.pmdata1.pm_data_source.hw_alias = ‘newName’”,
	    "lang": "painless"
      "must": [
        {"match": {"pmdata1.pm_data_source.hw_alias.keyword": “oldName”}}

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