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My first post in this community, I need reindex all my fields setting type to keyword, but when I do this, the field ".keyword" is removed and my dashboards is deployed using field ".keyword", Is it possible to change dashboard fields using API?

I didn't find this in the documentation.



Welcome ! Kibana offers a bunch of saved object APIs to manage Kibana saved objects, including dashboards, visualizations, and more.
Have you tried this API: ( Update the attributes for existing Kibana saved objects.)

Update data view fields API | Kibana Guide [master] | Elastic - Update fields presentation metadata, such as count, customLabel, and format. You can update multiple fields in one request. Updates are merged with persisted metadata. To remove existing metadata, specify null as the value.

Hope these help.
Please feel free to come back here with more questions if you have.


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While reindexing use the same template as the source index or atleast have all the keyword fields in the template mapping.

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