Import Visualization from ELK5.6 and Export to EK6.3, L5.6 breaks

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How to Export Visualization and Dashboard from ES 5.6, Kibana 5.6, LogStash 5.6 and Import to ES 6.3, Kibana 6.3, Logstash 5.6? I have index and mapping same for both the systems.

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Does help?

(Jigar Patel) #3

Thanks @warkolm I use the same. I found out, I was using ".raw" field in ELK5.6 which was breaking due to ".keyword" field in ELK6.3. Is there a way I can still use ".raw" in field mapping? How to convert field from ".keyword" to ".raw"?

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Do you need to change that in Elasticsearch or in the dashboard?

(Jigar Patel) #5

@warkolm - I like to change it in the elasticsearch.

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In 6.X, a .keyword field is the same as a .raw field, it replaces the latter.

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Thanks @warkolm. Please close the thread

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