Import Visualization from ELK5.6 and Export to EK6.3, L5.6 breaks

How to Export Visualization and Dashboard from ES 5.6, Kibana 5.6, LogStash 5.6 and Import to ES 6.3, Kibana 6.3, Logstash 5.6? I have index and mapping same for both the systems.

Does help?

Thanks @warkolm I use the same. I found out, I was using ".raw" field in ELK5.6 which was breaking due to ".keyword" field in ELK6.3. Is there a way I can still use ".raw" in field mapping? How to convert field from ".keyword" to ".raw"?

Do you need to change that in Elasticsearch or in the dashboard?

@warkolm - I like to change it in the elasticsearch.

In 6.X, a .keyword field is the same as a .raw field, it replaces the latter.

Thanks @warkolm. Please close the thread

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