Changed mapping from text+keyword to keyword, queries not working now


I have some indices which some field mappings where text and keyword.
In Kibana I used "field.keyword" to use the keyword mapped value.
As well, in an application I made I used queries pointing to "field.keyword".

Now for the new indices I changed the mapping to just keyword, since I am not really using text features, however, in Kibana now all my visualizations are not working, because they are looking for "field.keyword" but as the field is no text+keyword mapped, I have to look for it as just "field". The same happens to the application.

Should not it work as "field.keyword" ?
I understand it must work as just "field", but it sould ALSO work as "field.keyword".

Is there anything I can do to make it work without changing all my Kibana visualizations as well as all my application queries?

Thanks a lot in advance!

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