.keyword problem of last version of kibana

(Cem Kuleyin) #1


I have a big problem with keyword type. We updated our kibana version from 5 to 6. We used field without .keyword type. But .keyword came with new version of kibana. We dont want to use .keyword.

Can you help me this situation?



(Tim Ward) #2

It comes from your mappings in Elasticsearch, not from Kibana - Kibana is just reporting what it finds.

If you don't like the mappings you can change them.

(Cem Kuleyin) #3

Hi @TimWard ,

How can i change? I dont know. Can you help me?

(Tim Ward) #4

I'd probably start by asking: are you sure you want to? All use cases are different, but I'm generally finding I want to add keyword fields rather than remove them (I don't do very much full text searching).

(Cem Kuleyin) #5

Hi @TimWard

Yes i want to do. Because, we updated kibana 5 to 6. We have kibana 5 visualizations. All fields name have not .keyword in kibana 5. But now, all fields have .keywords.



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