Keyword field doesn't show as type keyword in kibana

I've created and indexed what I think is a keyword field, however in kibana it shows the field as a 'T' type which I think means 'Text', I was expecting a 'K' for keyword. Can anyone shed light on this?

Edit: my goal in having a keyword field was to be able to do aggregations. after posting this i did a test and the aggregation query worked, which leaves me to believe this is indeed a keyword field, and indeed i should have checked the index info, it tells me the same. If anyone can explain what the 'T' means in Kibana that would be helpful

PUT keyword_test
{ "mappings": {
"doc": {
"properties": {
"foo": {"type": "keyword"}
POST keyword_test/doc/1
{"foo": "hello"}
GET keyword_test/_search

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