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I am seeing an issues where i am not seeing .raw fields but instead i am seeing .keyword fields. I know there was a problem when you change the default index name from logstash-* to something else but couldn't recall the fix for it. How do i get the raw fields back? Any idea.

Also as i have already ingested so many data now. Is there a way to re-index those data to get the .raw fields. This broke my dashboard too.

Logstash Version:- 5.5

(Aaron Mildenstein) #2

It's in the default index template. You would have to change your template. I recommend updating it for Elasticsearch 5.x anyway, as mapping changes occurred (even if you preserve .raw instead of .keyword).

To "fix" your .keyword fields, you will have to re-index your data using the Reindex API, or potentially the Reindex action in Elasticsearch Curator.

It might be easier/better to fix the dashboards to use .keyword and reindex the old data to also be .keyword, but I have no idea what scale or volume of data you're dealing with.

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@theuntergeek Consider me as newbie , could you suggest how to update the default template. My problem with updating the template is that the index names are dynamic. How can i update a template that will match any new index that i create. I don't have a fixed pattern as they are tied to aws account names. Could you please provide an example.?

Is .raw equivalent to .keyword.? Can i just just leave as it is to .keyword and change my visualizations from raw to keyword?

For reindexing, do i need to fix the mappings first?


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Use the GET _template command.

You can see here that this template matches everything that comes in, regardless of the index name.

Definitely go reads through the documentation if you haven't already.

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