Upgraded 2.4 to 5.0 - cant use field.raw items in index

I'v upgrade my elasticsearch to 5.0, logstash put the data in it. And in old indices i have items like field.raw, but in new index a have field.keyword.
So i cant understand how can i convert my old indices to use field.keyword in kibana visualizations. Now a can use field.raw - and it shows only old data or field.keyword - it shows only new data.

You have two options:

  1. Re-index the most recent data with the 2.x template (which still works in 5.0)
  2. Re-index all old data with the new template

Both of these options require the use of "new" index names, and then creating an alias to point to the "old" index name.

Aaron, thanks!
And should I type just old index and new index, or I should type new mapping pattern too in reindex request ?