Getting pop-up in kibana

We are using Kibana 7.3, after disabling login security(i dont want to enter login credentials) using false in kibana.yml, i am getting pop-up in browser to enter the credentials.

The configuration you want to change is part of elasticsearch.yml not Kibana.yml

Hi Felix,
Thanks for update.
But we dont want to disable security for elasticsearch, we want to just disable security only kibana ,so that it wont ask login.

Kibana is accessing Elasticsearch data. This is only possible with a valid login. Only other option is to use anonymous access I think.

Hi Felix,
Is there any option to disable only kibana login also keeping elasticsearch security enabled?

A Kibana Login is the same as an Elasticsearch Login. Kibana is just the frontend.
However anonymous access could help. That way you still have security enabled but every Kibana user is authenticated as anonymous user. So no login required..

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