Getting search_phase_execution_exception in Kibana Discover pane

I have many indices such as cloud-audit-aws, cloud-audit-azure, cloud-audit-gsuite, cloud-audit-secret-tools, cloud-audit-github, and many more starting with cloud-audit. I have created an index pattern cloud-audit* to merge all indices data to create a few visualizations.

After creating index pattern, while checking all events from discover pane it gives me the below error. Can anyone help me understand what is wrong here?

I tried following this thread and disabled Highlight Results option but no success.

Can anyone help? We are facing this issue in the production environment.

it got resolved by changing the following index settings !!! posting here in case someone suffering from same problem.

PUT .apm-agent-configuration/_settings
  "index.max_docvalue_fields_search": 300

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