Getting total sum of all buckets in Kibana

Hi there, I am very new and unexperienced in ELK. What I am searching for is a way to get the total sum of values (rows) in a table. With the result of this I want to calculate e.g. the ratio of the total average and a single row which is "single row / (total sum / number of rows)". Kibana provides the total sum in the vizualisation (see screenshot) but I don't know how to get access to this for further calculation, for instance to use it in an inline script. Thanks for any hint.

Hi, welcome to the forums! Am I correct that you want to look at the percentage of a row compared to the sum of all rows? This feature is called the "percentage column" in our data table. This might solve your use case.

It's not possible to do scripting using the Kibana table visualization. There is a community plugin called Kibana enhanced table which some users have had success with.

Hi Wylie, thanks for your quick answer. But no, it's not that. The percentage column of a row is "row / sum of rows" and I know that this is standard feature of Kibana. What I am looking for is "row / average of rows".

By the way: What I mean is the advanced feature in the metric definition which I considered scripting. Maybe I am wrong or it´s a matter of definition. Anyway :wink:

That is definitely not possible to calculate using the Kibana table, and I think the only way to calculate that is to run multiple passes of aggregation. You could set up a transformation job which has a lot of scripting capabilities, and then aggregate the results from the transformed index.

Hi Wylie, that make things clear, thanks a lot. I'm going to check out transformation job, sounds promissing.

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