Good visualisation tools to manage searches in website

Hi all!

I've been looking for made tools, or ideas to develop our own, to help me visualize the searches our clients do in our website, their evolution over time and their rate of success (for example, successive queries with high similarity are probably not a good sign), but haven't found anything that works at that business intelligence level, only visualisations for infrastructural information like health of the nodes and such.

I'd really appreciate any help or suggestions on interfaces that can help us in managing the distribution and discovery of our products through our search bar.

I've checked Kibana, dejavu, elasticHQ, but they all seem to be made with the technical maintainer of the infrastructure in mind, and not to verify how well are people using the search bar.

Thank you!


So you definitely need something like appsearch:

This would definitely help.


Thank you! That was definitely something worth checking out that we were missing

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