How to visualize search query´s

Hi, i´m new to Elasticsearch and currently try to get into Elastic by trying out some stuff with Elastic, Kibana and x-pack-basic on my windows machine.

So use Kibana to send my requests, build some indexes and visualization examples - everything works fine. :slightly_smiling_face:

Now to my question, is there a way to visualize e.g. the top 50 search-requests of a day?
I couldn´t find anything related to a query or search history in the basic documentations.

My goal with this is to know what i have to do, or what Elastic can do for me before i start implementing Elastic into my project.
So what i have in mind are visualizations for top searches, slowest searches, searches without hit - to get a feeling what my users want and what causes problems.
Personally i think it´s something everybody does - but i´m kinda confused that i find nothing to that topic and the concept how elastic thinks this should be made in 2018 / 6.2.4.

With xpack monitoring i can see the search latency but if i want to know why it is higher in a specific time range i only can say, well there was a search request - nothing in detail what possible caused an unusual spike. (Bad filter, stopwords ect.)

So is there a common concept or a page in the documentation i missed? - thx :slightly_smiling_face:

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