Got empty page when I click plugin menu when its page is already loaded

version: kibana 5.x
got empty page when I click plugin menu when its page is already loaded, what's wrong?

Can you provide some more context about the issue you are experiencing? What plugin menu are you referring to?

any custom plugin init by yo kibana-plugin. I write a plugin called 'AAA', first time when i click its menu 'menu AAA' everything is ok. well then I click the 'menu AAA' again, i got empty page

any update about this problem?

Yes I'm seeing the same issues with plugins. If you watch the URL you will notice that the / is removed the second time you hit it leaving just the #.

This will then NOT trigger the angular router and thus you get the blank page. I haven't explored solutions yet but there may be a way to tell angular to route to / and/or "nothing".

We don't see this with the built in plugins correct? Perhaps looking at what they did (like Discover) may revel something.

yes, don't see this in builtin plugin, its really strange, I cannot find any difference when we talking about the route.

@spalger could you give some suggestion?

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